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This class meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:00-9:50am in Swenson 3009.

Class Materials

Here is a Syllabus!

Here is a handy website where you can approximate Binomial variable with Normal variables!

Welcome to Math 370, Probability! I am hoping this course will be very fun and very informative. We'll be learning amazing things like events of probability zero can practically quite likely and we'll learn the Central Limit Theorem!

I recommend reading along in your book: Introduction to Probability by Grinstead and Snell. It is a great way to see more examples and reenforce the definitions and topics from class. Plus it is available free online here: Introduction to Probability.

If you are struggling with the homework problems please do not be discouraged! Especially, translating experiments into the framework and notation of probability is difficult. This skill is one of the major goals of the course. You are working on improving it; you do not need to be a master of it already! Coming to office hours and asking for assistance or hints is not a sign you are struggling, only that you will be more successful with some further direction.


Here is the list of homework problems. Homework will be collected on Friday each week in class.

Extra Credit

Since the homework is so heavily weighted for this course and is crucial to learning the material, I want to encourage you to complete it fully and with high quality. Thus I will allow you to redo up to 2 full homework assignments for regrading. The rules are as follows:

As a way to encourage you to learn the exam 1 material more thoroughly, we will have a series of 5 take-home quizzes given out on Wednesdays and collected on Fridays (in class or via email by 9:05am, this will be enforced strictly). They will be similar to problems from exam 1, but not identical. You are allowed to use your book or other textbooks, but MAY NOT work together. They will be posted below: The quizzes are 2 points each, which will be added to your exam 1 score. The first one will be posted Wednesday 10/18.

Study Materials

Exams can be found here:

Old final exams from Syracuse University can be found here:

Selected solutions to particularly difficult homework problems are available by request. This is the list of problems currently available: